What Is Thieves Essential Oil – Benefits And Uses Of Thieves Essential Oil

Our environment is polluted. The disease-causing microorganism surrounds us. It seems as if diseases are lurking out from all the corners.

So what can we do to protect ourselves? The only way is to disinfect our surroundings and boost our immune system. A boosted immune system will ward off attacking microbes and prevent diseases.

Now the question arises how to boost your body’s defense mechanism? Obviously, the best way is to load our daily diet with vitamins. But the foods we eat after going through cleaning, peeling, cutting, and cooking loses most of its vitamins.

So is there any other alternative?  Yes. In this article, we will introduce you to an essential oil that serves the purpose of boosting immunity very effectively. It is thieves essential oil; let us get into the details about it.

History Behind Thieves Essential Oil

I know you must be wondering what the heck it is and how has it got such a weird name. A famous legend inspires thieves essential oil. It is said that in the 15th century in France, French thieves used to cover themselves with rosemary, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and other aromatic herbs while robbing the plague victims. They looted even dead victims of the black plague. These herbs used to prevent them from getting infected and kept them immune. Those thieves were spice traders and were very well acknowledged by the health benefits of these herbs. Those thieves when caught and brought in front of the king disclosed their secret formula to save themselves from a death sentence. Then to save people suffering from black plague thieves oil recipe was posted all over the kingdom.

What Is In Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves essential oil is a blend of 5 essential oils. The five essential oil are as follows:

  1. Lemon essential oil– Besides being a powerful anti-oxidant, it also detoxes the body and acts as a natural cleanser.
  2. Clove essential oil- It supports the body’s immune system and provides overall wellness. It acts as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
  3. Cinnamon bark essential oil- Again, this oil is known to boost our immune system. It also promotes the digestion and improves the circulation.
  4. Eucalyptus essential oil– Eucalyptus oil is helpful in alleviating the diseases of the respiratory tract. When used topically it has been found effective in fighting bacterial infection and promote healing.
  5. Rosemary essential oil– This oil is known for its all-over wellness. It restores the alertness. Wards off fatigue and also fights off lung infection.

I guess now you can imagine, when the ingredients of thieves essential oil are so determined to boost your immune system, then what an impact their blend will have on your defense mechanism.

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Homemade Thieves Essential Oil Recipe

Take a dark glass bottle and add 40 drops of Clove, 35 drops of Lemon, 20 drops of Cinnamon, 15 drops of Eucalyptus and ten drops of Rosemary essential oil.

Mix the ingredients properly and store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

*Keep it away from children’s reach

thieves essential oil
thieves essential oil

9 Thieves Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

Thieves essential oil is a miraculous blend of 5 purifying essential oils. Its uses are countless and extremely significant in number. It can be used as dietary, topical and aromatic.  Make sure never to use thieves oil without diluting it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil.. Let us have a look over some of its uses.

Boosting immunity

As discussed above thieves oil is a combination of essential oils that covers a broad spectrum of health-supporting natural properties. It provides immune support. So if you or any of your family members is suffering from a stressed immune system, diffuse it in your house. It will prevent you from the cold, flu and even strep throat.

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Air freshener

The aroma of thieves essential oil is earthy, spicy, hot and refreshing. You can prepare a room spray very quickly and easily from it. Pour 10 to 15 drops of the thieves essential and a teaspoon of witch hazel in a clean spray bottle. Now fill the bottle with distilled water. Put the sprayer top on and use it. The aroma will make your house smell sweet and remove bad odors. It will also free your environment from harmful microbes and repel insects and mosquitoes.

Relieves pain

If you are suffering from joint pain, you will be relieved to hear that thieves oil is an effective painkiller. It also works in the case of broken joint or bones. You can also use it to get rid of a headache and toothache. Mix a few drops of it to some carrier oil like jojoba oil and apply it to the affected part.

Prevent the spread of infectious disease

Thieves essential oil has the property to block the protein synthesis of the bacteria and virus. Thus, it prevents the spread of the infection. If you have a family member suffering from the flu or any other infectious disease diffuse it in your house. This will prevent other family members from catching the disease.

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Cleansing agent

Thieves oil is a perfect cleansing agent. You can use it to clean floors, kitchen platforms, dishes and even laundry. Add a few drops of it to dishwater or mop water. Not only it cleans thoroughly and eliminates odor, but also wards off the germs.

Relieves nasal and lung congestion

Thieves essential oil support healthy sinus and lung function. Put a few drops of thieves oil in a bowl of steaming water and inhale deeply. You will find immediate relief.

Heals wounds and treat skin issues

The antiseptic property of the oil has been found very effective in healing wounds and cuts. Also being anti-fungal it can effectively treat skin diseases such as toenail fungus. Being antibacterial it also treats acne and pimples. Add a few drops of Thieves essential oil to coconut oil and apply it to the affected area.

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Homemade handwash

Take an empty bottle of hand wash. Pour a teaspoon of thieves essential oil, one-third cup of liquid Castile soap and two third cup of water. Stir the ingredients well. Your natural handwash with antiseptic, antimicrobial properties and the aromatic smell is ready to be used.

Wards of stress

Had a bad day? Any argument or deadline pressure or are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Try thieves essential oil. It removes negativity and has a calming effect on the mind. By relaxing muscles, it fights off stress and anxiety. Diffuse it in your workplace and home and you will see the difference.

Precautions to be kept in mind while using thieves oil:

Before using Thieves essential oil keep the following points in your mind:

  1. Do not use it in the case of children under 18 months of age.
  2. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid it.
  3. Avoid repeated use or it may cause extreme contact sensitization.
  4. Before using Thieves essential oil for the first time better test it for sensitivity. For this purpose, apply it to the bottom of your feet.

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As we have discussed above that the thieves essential oil can be prepared at home easily. But if you are not willing to prepare it at home it is also sold in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bottle of Thieves essential oil and buck up your body’s defense mechanism.

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