Top 12 Home Remedies To Unclog Your Ears – How To Pop Your Ears

How To Unclog Your Ears From Congestion: The water entering your ear is a widespread phenomenon while taking a bath or swimming. The water and other fluids are prevented from getting in by the wax that is present in our ear canal. It can very quickly enter the canal as well as get out of it, but sometimes it gets trapped in it and clogs the ear. Clogging of the ear may cause pain and itching. This becomes a very unpleasant situation due to tingling and sensation of fullness. Water trapped in the canal may also cause muffling and ringing sound and may reduce the ability to hear.

Although this is a mild problem if the water entering your ear is polluted, it may cause infection. If treatment is delayed, it may lead to the formation of cysts, inflammation of the eardrum and hearing loss.That’s why you should try to get water out of your ear as soon as possible by applying some simple and quick tricks at home.

how to unclog your ears
How To Pop Your Ear

Most Effective Way To Unclog Your Ears

Take Help Of Gravity

Stand on your feet and tilt your head towards the affected side so that the affected side faces the ground. If you are unwilling to stand, then you may lie for a few minutes with the affected ear facing down. This is the easiest and the best method to unclog ears.

Creating Vacuum To Unclog Your Ears

Place your palm or finger and press gently against your ear for a few seconds. This procedure will form a vacuum that will quickly drain water from the ear. To remove the water that is draining you may use a cotton swab. Refrain yourself from inserting a bud in your ear. Remember that your palm or finger should be clean.

Yawning and Chewing

Yawning and chewing forms a pressure in the middle ear that stretches the eustachian tube. As the tube extends, the water trapped in it gets space to come out of it.

Shake Your Head

Move your head from one side to the other. After a few seconds, tilt your head to face the affected ear towards the ground. Use your palm to hit the opposite side to unclog your ears slowly.

Use Water To Unclog Your Ears

With the help of a dropper, put some more water into the affected ear. Tilt your head after 3 seconds, so that the affected side faces the ground parallel. Remain in this position for a few minutes. Water will drain completely.

Valsalva Maneuver

Close your nose by pinching your nostrils with the help of your fingers. Also, close your mouth. Now inhale breath. Keep your nostrils close and try to blow air out of your nostrils gently. This will regulate pressure, and the Eustachian tube will open with a popping sound draining the trapped water. Refrain yourself from blowing your nose too hard because this may damage your eardrum.

White Vinegar and Alcohol

Take three teaspoons of white vinegar in a bowl and two spoons of alcohol. Mix the ingredients. With the help of a dropper pours 4 to 5 drops of this preparation into the affected ear. Wait for few seconds and then tilt your head. Water will drain out. This preparation also prevents any ear infection.

Steam Inhalation To Unclog Ear

Take a large bowl and pour hot steaming water into it. Now cover your head with the help of a towel. For about 15 minutes, inhale the steam and then tilt your head. Steam encourages the eustachian tube to release the trapped water.

Wiping The Ear

Take a clean cotton cloth or a clean towel. Tilt your head to face affected ear towards the towel. Now gently and slowly rub it. Remember, you should not try to thrust the clean cloth inside it as this may propel the water back into the canal.

Heat Therapy To Unclog Your Ears

Take a bowl of hot steaming water and immerse a clean cotton cloth in it. Remove excess water by straining the fabric and press the washed cloth gently to the affected ear for about 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure five times giving a 1-minute gap in between. Now tilt your head with affected side facing the ground to get water out of your ear.


Take one-fourth cup of salt and heat it in the microwave. Put the salt in a clean cloth and tightly tie the cloth. Place the cloth near your ear for about 2 to 3 minutes. Salt has the property to absorb water. Hot salt will encourage the trapped water to evaporate and will reduce the pain

Use Hair Dryer To Unclog Your Ears

Take a blow dryer and hold it at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from your ears. Switch on the dryer and let the dry, warm air flow across the opening of your ear. It is better to pull your lobe to direct warm air into the canal. Water trapped converts into steam and evaporates with the help of the blow dryer. This procedure may take about 30 seconds, but if needed give a break after a few minutes and repeat the process.

As you learned from this article how to unclog your ears quickly. If you encounter this problem try any of the home mentioned above remedies as soon as possible to prevent infection. All these methods are beneficial and straightforward. In case, they don’t work, consult a doctor as quickly as possible before the infection sets in.

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