How To Treat Chlamydia Infection With 7 Natural Herbs

Chlamydia is a ubiquitous STD (sexually transmitted disease), but the good news is that it can be easily cured. Both males and females across the globe get affected by chlamydia. The worse part is in most of the cases its symptoms are not visible, and so it is tough to keep it from spreading.

Having no symptom is not a reason to take chlamydia infection lightly as it causes severe and permanent damage to the reproductive system. Infected women may find it difficult to get pregnant, and there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy. If the mother is infected with chlamydia, even the newborn baby may get infected during childbirth. An infected baby may be of low birth weight, and there are chances of premature birth and eye infection in newborn.

This is why we always recommend that sexually active people of both the genders should get tested at regular intervals and if the infection is diagnosed treatment of chlamydia is continued until the virus goes away.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chlamydia

The symptoms of chlamydia infection are very rarely felt. A few signs that may be apparent are:

  • Pain and burning during urination
  • Pain, swelling, and tenderness in testicles in men
  • Thick, yellow-white and cloudy discharge from the penis
  • Swelling, redness, and itching at the urethral opening in females
  • Rectal pain, bleeding and
  • Infection and inflammation in the eye.
  • A sore throat
  • Pain in the lower abdomen in females
  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginal discharge in women
  • Bleeding between the periods in women
  • Bleeding after sex in women
  • Nausea
  • Fever

Sexually active adults who practice unsafe sex and have sex with multiple partners are more at the risk of contracting chlamydia infection.

As the number of people affected by chlamydia infection is growing the popularity of natural chlamydia treatment is increasing every year. Below in, this article, we are providing you with the list of home remedies for chlamydia effectively. So if you are tested positive for chlamydia infection read this article and try them out.

How To Treat Chlamydia
How To Treat Chlamydia

How To Treat Chlamydia At Home

1. Garlic

It is not just a spice used in cooking for taste, but it is a medicinal herb rich in anti-viral and antibiotic To alleviate chlamydia eat 3-4 cloves of garlic every day during or before the meal. Raw garlic is recommended as it has natural compounds that clear infection and kills bacteria. Garlic capsules are also available in the stores. For doses consult your doctor.

Note:-  If you have diabetes garlic is not recommended for you as it may cause blood clotting issues.

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2. Goldenseal

One of the useful home remedies for chlamydia is goldenseal that fights. The antibacterial property is due to the presence of berberine which is an enzyme that kills infection-causing bacteria and increases white blood cells. It boosts body immunity and fights chlamydia. Also, goldenseal has anti-intermittently and anti-microbial properties. It is recommended to consume up to 1000 mg goldenseal herb three times a day.

You may also make a herbal douche with it and wash your genitals to reduces itching, discomfort. To make goldenseal herbal douche add a capsule of goldenseal in a cup of warm water along with one-fourth teaspoon salt. Mix the ingredients and douche with it two times for ten days.

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3. Olive Tree Extract

Oleuropein present in olive tree extract kills bacteria and fights inflammation. It also boosts body immunity. Olive tree extract is available as a powder, liquid concentrate, a salve or dried tea Whatever form of olive tea extract you choose it will provide you protection against bacteria and fasten the healing.

You may take olive tree extract orally or rub directly to your genitals 2-3 times in a day for a week.

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4. Oil Of Oregano

Oregano oil is an essential oil that is rich in carvacrol and thymol. Both the chemicals are healing compounds and fight infection naturally. Carvacrol is known to fight certain types of viruses and even cancers. If you have chlamydia infection take 45 mg capsules daily to cure chlamydia naturally.

Alternatively, to a cup of water add 1-2 drops of oregano oil. Mix well and consume this water immediately.

Also, mix a few drops of oregano oil to a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply to your genitals or add a few drops to 2 cups of water and rinse genitals.

Note:- Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it.

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5. Turmeric

Turmeric is not just a spice to add to cooking, but it is a medicinal herb. Curcumin present in turmeric is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. It fastens healing and boosts body immunity. Turmeric is an ideal home remedy to treat chlamydia.

Add a half teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and drink it daily two times for 7-10 days.

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6. Yoghurt

Yoghurt rich in probiotics fights off infection. Also, probiotics boost body immunity. Make sure the yoghurt you are using is unsweetened

Eat a cup of yoghurt two times in a day until chlamydia infection clears. It is better for your health if you continue consuming yoghurt even after the infection clears so that your body will be able to resist the infection in future.

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7. Sage

Sage cleans the immune system and wards off chlamydia. It is one of the best natural treatment to get rid of genital infections, and also soothes associated discomforts. It is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Steep a teaspoon of dried or fresh sage leaves in a cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain the solution and drink it warm 2-3 times daily until the infection clears.

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Chlamydia home remedies offer natural and safe treatment, but you also need to adjust your diet. Improve the quality of your food for faster recovery. Try to include fresh green leafy vegetables, probiotics, fruits vitamin-rich vegetables and fiber-rich food to your diet. Avoid sugar-rich juices and drink lots of water.

To prevent contracting chlamydia infection and to check its spread practice safe sex. Use condoms, avoid having sex with multiple partners and abstain from any sexual activity during the treatment. Females should avoid douching and use of perfumed vaginal cosmetics as it kills the good bacteria and disturbs vaginal flora.

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