How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Naturally? – Raccoon Removal

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons: – Raccoons are quite the menace when they find ways to get into your home, wrecking pretty much everything they come in contact with. They might seem like furry little cuties at first sight, but when they begin destroying the things in your house, that’s when you see the ugly side of these guys. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of raccoons.

how to get rid of racconos
how to get rid of raccoons

10 Best Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Yard

Raccoon Traps

The best way to get rid of raccoons is to make use of a raccoon trap. Keep in mind, however, that trapping and relocating raccoons is illegal in most places unless you have a permit. When you go to pick out a raccoon trap, ensure that you find one that is at least 12 inches in length and breadth. It should have a minimum height of 32 inches and must construct very well. When it comes to picking out bait, you shouldn’t face too much of a problem for the simple fact that raccoons eat just about anything. You can use fruits or canned cat food as bait.

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Protect Your Trash Can

Well, you probably don’t hear this a lot, but when it comes to getting rid of raccoons, you have to! Keeping these raccoons out of your garbage is the key. What happens is that most of the time, unintentionally you feed these little guys with the garbage you throw away. Invest in a set of good metallic trash cans, a cinder block, and bungee cords. This does sound like a whole lot of work, but when it comes to raccoon control, it’s the best. You begin by covering your garbage with the bungee lid down. Place the cinder blocks on top of the lid every night. Double bag any meat waste products as the smell lure these little rodents in.

Keep Your Garden Clean

If there’s no food in your garden or yard, there’s no reason for raccoons to visit you. Don’t leave any pet food overnight in your yard because you know who loves that stuff? Yep, raccoons! If you’ve got fruit trees in your yard, then rake up any fallen fruit at the end of the day, so these raccoons don’t feat on the fresh produce that seems to have fallen from the sky. Also, there’s a chance of the fruit rotting, that’s another smell they pick up pretty quickly. As soon as you cut off their source of food, you up your chances of getting rid of them for good.

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Make Them Feel Unwelcome

If you want to control these little pests, then put up a fence. This helps to shut them out, but warned; they are quite the climbers. When we say wall, what we mostly mean is to put up one of the electric kind. Any fence can be made electrical by adding in a strand of wire eight inches off the ground and eight inches off the wall, connected to a pulsating fence charger. You will have to run it during the night. Another tip that comes in handy is to clear away any wood piles to logs that might be the breeding grounds of these raccoons. This is bound to help you get rid of raccoons.

Scare Tactics

If you want to get rid of the raccoons living in your attic, then the best way of doing so is to scare them clean! Since these creatures are nocturnal, they come out only during the night. Set up as many lights as you can in the attic and try making a lot of noise. This can be done with the help of a radio or loudspeaker, even the human ones are accepted! Ensure that you make enough noise to scare them away. Also, if there are any branches or weeds in your backyard that lead to your attic, trim them or take them down, so there’s no pathway for the raccoons.

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If you want to get rid of raccoons, then make use of ammonia. Raccoons are squeaky clean organisms, contrary to common belief that they are quite the opposite. The last place that a raccoon goes to do its ‘business’ is in its den. So what you can do to scare them away from their dens is to soak towels in ammonia and place these at the entrance to their dens. Ammonia reaks of the smell of urine, so the smell of it is going to get the raccoons thinking that their dens have been soiled. This will cause them to abandon their den and move away.

Predator Urine

This is a somewhat unconventional technique to get rid of raccoons. Racoons are often scared away by the urine trail that a predator leaves behind. So, no, you don’t have to get a predator to scare the raccoon away, but you might need a little something from these predators, which, no, you don’t have to get yourself. Predator urine such as that from wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and even bobcats are available online. Order in a couple of bottles and spray them all over the raccoon territory. Within no time at all, you would have scared away these raccoons.

Raccoon Repellents

Repellents are available online and can purchase with almost minimal damage to your pocket. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of raccoons. If you are aware of the areas in which these raccoons reside, then sprinkle some of these granular repellents to keep them at bay.

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Electronic Repellents

Invest in a good electric repellent to get rid of raccoons. These help to keep the raccoons well out of the way. Electronic water sprays are available and are mainly chemical free, so this can be used to protect your backyard from these pesky little creatures.

Shut Off Their Entry Points

If you want to keep raccoons out of your house, then you must shut out all points of entry. Exhaust pipes and other such outlets must be sealed so that the raccoons cannot squeeze their way into your house.

Say goodbye to raccoons once and for all! Raccoon proof your house so you don’t have to deal with these pesky little creatures. Home is no place for a raccoon to reside, so let’s keep it that way and get rid of them.

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