How To Get Rid Of Possums [Homemade Traps And Repellents]

Are possums dangerous or aggressive?


Then why you need to get rid of them

You need to get rid of possums because they may steal your pet food, make holes in walls, make your yard dirty, make garbage clutter, throw trash in your home and of course to get rid of their displeasing smell. Also, they can cause disease named Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM).

Possums create an unsanitary environment making your surroundings unappealing.

So are there home remedies to get rid of possums.

Yes, this is why I have written this article to suggest to you some remarkable ways to get rid of possums. Heav a read.


9 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Possums

Setting Motion Activated Sprinklers And Lights

Setting motion activated sprinklers or lights in your house perimeter around the fruit trees, at the front of your property or any other part where possum are frequently spotted may help you. Whenever possum crosses censors, these devices will turn on and frighten the little harmless but unwanted devils. In comparison, you will find motion activated sprinklers more effective than motion activated lights as they also scare off mature possums that are little hard to startle.

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Clean Up The Surroundings

Unclean surroundings, garbage, and titter invite them. Make sure to put unnecessary junk such as a dropped tree, dropped fruits, dead leaves in the trash bin and keep trash bin at a distance from your house. Cover the pet foods and clean barbeque grill.

Scatter Fur Of Cat or Dog

Cat and dog are potential predators of possum. The smell of a cat or dog is enough to scare possums from hanging nearby your house.

If you think the better idea is to let, your cat or dog roam free for this purpose through yard you are wrong. There are aggressive possums and other dangerous animals that may harm your pet. The safest thing to do is to brush your cat or dog and collect the fallen fur. Place the collected hair in small mesh bags and hang them on the areas where possum are commonly seen.

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The smell of mothballs is unbearable. Possum finds strong smell annoying. It is a cheap way to get rid of possums in your garden.

Keep mothballs hidden in your fabric or scatter at the places you notice possums frequently. Better hang mesh bag is containing mothballs. Just keep mothballs away from the reach of your pets and kids.

Spreading other strong smelling things such as garlic may also help.

Placing Traps

Setting a trap in possums path near the suspected den is an ideal solution to get rid of possums. Areas, where possums have caused damage, are acceptable locations you should choose.

Set the possum path on a protective surface such as plywood or soft ground as the trapped possum may try to dig the ground and escape.

Use a live-holding cage trap that won’t hurt or kill possums. Also, check with the municipality as in some cities, you may require permission to do this, or there may be specific instructions on where to release trapped rodents.

Setting trap at dusk is the best time as possums are nocturnal animals. Make sure to close the trap at dawn to prevent accidental trapping of harmless diurnal animals.

Keep a tennis ball in the trap to frustrate the animal inside the cage will make possum tired. This will help you to release them later.

Appropriate baits to attract possums are a raw egg, sardines, peanut butter, berries, and fruits.

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Use Chemical Repellant

Application of chemical repellants to the base of the structure, flowerbeds, and garden will keep possums away. To apply chemical repellants to safely follow the instructions carefully. Predator urine is one of the common ingredient used in most of the chemical repellants.

Remove The Food Sources

To make the environment less inviting refrain yourself from intentionally providing food to the possum. When humans give food to possum, they lose fear, and on not receiving the food they may become aggressive.

Left out food in your garbage bin may appeal possums so better cover the bin with a lid and secure the lid with chains, ropes, bungee cords or weights. Prevent trash bin from tipping by securing the side handles driven in the ground.

If you have pets, feed them indoors. In case this is not possible feed pets outdoors in the middle of the afternoon or late morning. Before the dusk remove food and drink sources that may attract possums. Keep the pet food away from house opening and pet doors.

Make sure to secure food in compost containers.  Grease traps and barbecue grills should be clean after use. Dropped fruits from bushes and trees should be picked.

If you are practicing laying bird seeds, do this in between late morning to mid-afternoon. Spread just enough seeds to be consumed in a day. Transfer bird feeders inside before dusk.

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Cover Vents

Possum enters via chimney’s, loose ventilators, holes and additional spaces. They can even climb the rooftops. Better cover all the vents towards your home. Unnecessary holes should be blocked. Seal open spaces. You may also use 3-4 inches electric fences if required. Mend all tubes and cracks. Boathouses, huts, and garages should be closed.

Cutting Down The Long Tree Branches

Cut the long tree branches and trim bushes to make environment unfavorable for the possum. Also, remove thick herbivorous trees that give possums entry to the roof. The random wood collection should be kept away from home in some safe place.

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Possums eat small insects, snails and other organisms that may harm your garden. So instead of killing them look for ways to keep them at bay from your houses. If required you may call pest control company to get rid of possums in house.

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