How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Rash – Top 10 Home Remedies

Every home gardener’s biggest nightmare has to be poison ivy. It is a highly allergenic plant which causes itchy rashes, painful blisters and burning on the surface of the skin. Poison ivy can also wreak havoc on a garden turning it into a disaster. This post is aimed at how you could get rid of poison ivy, preventing it from coming back into your garden.

A poison ivy rash occurs when the plant toxin which goes by the name of urushiol, comes in contact with the human skin. It is what contributes to the swelling, blisters, and pain, mentioned earlier, also resulting in fever sometimes. The appearance of these symptoms can range anywhere from seven to ten days soon after contact with the plant.

Poison ivy rashes spread rapidly during the first three days, especially when the area is scratched. Though poison ivy is a mild condition, it can cause lots of suffering is left untreated. If poison ivy is a bane of nature, then the boon would have to be natural remedies to treat poison ivy.

Poison Ivy Symptoms

Symptoms Of Poison Ivy are:-

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Difficulty breathing, if you’ve inhaled the smoke from burning poison ivy
home remedies for poison ivy rash
home remedies for poison ivy rash

How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Fast

Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal can be used as more than just a quick breakfast hack to beat time. It helps to treat the symptoms of a poison ivy rash.

Make a warm thick paste of oatmeal and apply it directly to the affected areas. Warm oatmeal works best as it soothes the surface of your skin once it cools down. Ensure that the paste isn’t too warm else it will burn the surface of your skin.

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Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is ideal when it comes to all woes your skin might face. Procuring the gel in its natural form is one of the best treatments for poison ivy rashes.

Apply the gel directly to your skin for soothing, long-lasting effects. You can buy the plant to extract the gel directly. Commercially available aloe vera juice can also be used, but the effects are not on par with that of the natural gel.

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Use Banana Peel

Before you throw out that banana peel, consider this. Banana peels can be used to soothe the surface of the skin which has been affected by poison ivy.

Rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected region and allow it to stay for a few minutes. The peel cools the surface of the skin, relieving you of the irritation.

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Use Cucumbers

When it comes to cooling the surface of the skin, you can trust cucumbers to do the trick. The burning sensation alongside the itching will be kept at bay when this remedy is followed up regularly.

Cut a few slices of cucumbers and place it on the surface of your skin. You could also grind a chunk of cucumber and make a thick paste out of it. Apply this paste for long-lasting effects.

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Watermelon Rind

Just as cucumber helps to soothe the surface of your skin, so does watermelon rind. Once you are done with most parts of the watermelon, ensure that you do not dispose of the rind just as yet. The rind can be applied to parts of your skin affected by poison ivy. It cools the surface of the skin, reducing the irritation and burning.

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Organic Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a sure fire way to get rid of poison ivy rashes. It can be easily procured from the drug store near you. For long-lasting soothing effects, apply witch hazel to the affected area periodically until the irritation subsides. (use organic witch hazel periodically till the irritation subsides.(how?)

Apply the oil directly on the surface of the affected areas.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

The medicinal properties that Apple Cider Vinegar possesses make it ideal for the treatment of rashes caused by poison ivy.

Soak a brown paper bag into apple cider vinegar and place in on the affected areas. It helps to draw out any toxins that are on your skin.

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Baking Soda

To make a treatment for poison ivy rashes, especially the kinds that entail red blisters, make a paste of 3 teaspoons of baking soda, and a teaspoon of water, Apply this onto your skin. Once the paste dries, the baking soda flakes off.

If you have blisters that are oozing, then mix two teaspoons of baking soda in a quart of water. Use this to saturate a few sterile gauze pads. Cover your blisters with these wet pads for about ten minutes, four times a day. As much as you can avoid application on or near your eyes.

You could also soak in a cold bath with a cup of baking soda mixed in it.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, due to its natural astringent properties, is an excellent home remedy for poison ivy rashes. It helps to extract the oil of the plant from the surface of your skin. It prevents the ivy from causing further damage to your skin.

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We’ve saved the best for the last- honey! Honey is used for treating a multitude of skin allergies which is why it comes to us as no surprise that it can be used to deal with these rashes as well. It is believed that honey is one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of poison ivy.

Apply a thin layer of honey on the affected areas and allow it to stay for a few hours till it dries. Once it does, wash off the region with cool water. Cold water can also be used to reduce the effects of ivy when contact is first made.

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Of other remedies, calamine lotion, cold presses and rubbing alcohol can also be used for your skin that has been in contact with poison ivy. When it comes to skin irritation, the best way to nip the problem in the bud is to address it right away. Prolonging treatment will only make the situation worse. Immediately act if you are found to be a victim to poison ivy. If the condition does not get better with these home remedies, then contact your doctor quickly.


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