How To Get Rid Of Moths – 10 Ways To Kills Moths Naturally

There are genuine reasons to hate moths. They are dusty, heavy and dirty flying nocturnal insects with a terrible tendency to smack your face. And while doing so, they cover you with their disgusting dust. If not attacking your face they bombard light bulbs. Although this action has nothing to do with you, still you may get annoyed. And when you are least expecting them, they land on or near you in the dark, freaking you out about being touched by weird things.

Moths are a common garden and household pests found in dark areas such as cabinets, closet and in your pantry where you keep natural fabric or store grains. The conditions that attract moths are spoiled clothes, unwashed clothes, rotted foods, humidity and dark murky places.

There are over 2500 types of moths, but the ones to worry about are carpet moths, food moths, and cloth moths. They lay eggs at different places, and when their larvae hatch, it devours anything in sight.

The signs of moth infestation are discoloring of the garments, stinking clothes, small holes in your clothes, web netting at the corners of racks and grills and spoiled food grains. You will also found a couple of moths flying around.

To get rid of moth infestation most of us use insecticide spay. But insecticide spray is toxic, especially to pets and children. Below are natural ways to get rid of moths that are completely safe and eco-friendly.

Home Remedies For Moths
Home Remedies For Moths

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moths Naturally

1. Bay Leaves

The distinct aroma of the bay leaves is unliked by the moths. Bay leaves are natural moth and insect repellant. Spread dried bay leaves in your kitchen shelves and other places where you suspect moth infestation.

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2. Homemade BugsBe-Gone Bags

To make this homemade repellent for all household pests including moths you will need lavender bud, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass and cedar chips. You will also need cheesecloth, or fabric envelops.

Fill the envelope or muslin bag with the half cup of the mixture of all the ingredients in the same ratio. Place the bag where ever you suspect an infestation. Scrunch the bag periodically to release the smell. Refill the bag when you find it ineffective.

Note:- The stronger is the fragrance better is the moth repellent.

3. Place light bulbs in the closet

Place an energy efficient fluorescent-light bulb in your closet. As moths prefer close and dark places, these light bulbs will repel them.

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4. Moth Traps

This helps in trapping adult moths mostly to get rid of moths in the pantry. Take flypaper and dab it with few drops of fish oil. The smell of fish oil will attract the moths and will trap them. You can also hang this trap in your closet.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural insect repellant. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and wipe the kitchen shelves and wardrobes with this solution. Vinegar solution will kill eggs and larvae and also will prevent further infestation. But do not spray vinegar directly on fabrics or your fabric may be discolored.

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6. Cinnamon Sticks

This remedy is sure to work to keep moths at bay. Place cinnamon in your drawers, pantry cabinets, and closet. The strong odor of cinnamon keeps the bugs and moth away.

7. Freeze

Cold treatment is an effective way to get rid of cloth moths. Wrap clothes in plastic bags and put in the freezer for at least four days. This will kill all the eggs. Next step is to wash and iron your clothes properly.

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8. Eliminate The Hiding Points

Moths are usually hidden in crevices and cracks. So the first step to getting rid of moths should always be to find the hiding place and seal them. To fill out the gaps you can use silicone caulk.

9. Cedar Chips

The smell of cedarwood is hated by the moths. Spread cedar chips liberally on pantry shelves and in the closet. When the smell fades, replace them with fresh ones.

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10. Indian Lilac

Spread a handful of Indian lilac in the corners. Alternatively, dilute neem oil with water and spay in your closet. You may also sprinkle dry neem powder around your house.

Note:- Avoid alcohol-based or spraying alcohol remedies on your clothes as they may discolor your clothes.

Good practices to prevent moth infestation is the best way to deal with this problem. Below are the good practices to consider:

  1. Brush your clothes occasionally and layout in the sun.
  2. Occasionally clean closets, cabinets, and cupboards with soap water.
  3. Clean sofa covers, curtains and window and doors screens occasionally.
  4. Frequently dust the home
  5. Keep wardrobes and kitchen ventilated.
  6. Get rid of old clothes that you are no longer wearing. Better give them to someone
  7. Occasionally sun the food grains and nuts.
  8. Always store grains in dry containers.
  9. Regularly vacuum your home.
  10. Before storing your laundry make sure to clean and dry them.
  11. Always clean and dry the storage area before using them.

Dear readers, we have written this article after research and have tried to round up the best advice on ‘how to get rid of moths naturally’. Try these methods and lets us know which one worked the best for you.

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