How To Get Rid Of Millipedes – 9 Way To Control Millipedes

Millipedes do not harm your property neither they bite, but they are unsightable. When these low-risk pests are bothered in any way, they release the disagreeable odour. In distress, they release a sticky substance that may cause allergy upon contact. Because of all the above reasons this thousand legged crawling creature is never welcomed indoors.

Millipedes vary in colour and length. They may be 1 inches or more and may be of brown, grey or pinkish-brown in colour. They have numerous sections, and each section has a pair of legs.  In total, they may have 30 to 400 legs. A slight touch makes these worms to curl like a coil.

If you want to get rid of millipede infestation, you need to acknowledge their behaviour. Millipedes prefer dark and damp places. When the temperature outside is dry or too wet, they make their way into your home. Below are the ways to control them.

How To Get Rid Of Millipedes
How To Get Rid Of Millipedes

How To Get Rid Of Millipedes

1. Clean Your House

The first step is to always clean your house. Anything that sits at one place for a long time makes an ideal place for the millipedes to hide. Daily sweep, broom or vacuum your Millipedes can live in the dusty vacuum for a long so make sure to empty the vacuum outside your house.

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2. Cut The Grass

Short grass discourages This is one of easiest and first step to take if you don’t want to see this thousand legged creature crawling in your garden. For this purpose use a riding mower that mulches the grass finely.

3. Remove Woody Debris and leaves

Piles of firewood around your house and downed woods attract millipedes. Remove the woody debris. Get it dumped at a distance from your house. If conditions are in favour and if it is allowed, burn piled woods and yes do remember to sweep the area after firewood is burned.

Lots of decaying and damp leaves attract millipedes. Make sure the pile of the leaves is at a distance from your house so that milliped won’t bother you.

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4. Do Not Over mulch

Thick mulches encourage millipedes. Reduce your urge to over mulch. Refrain using mulch within a few feets of the foundation of your house. In case you are using woody mulches make sure it is not more than four inches.

5. Keep Moisture Level In Your home Under Check

Millipedes loves damp places. To remove excess moisture use dehumidifier. Make sure to clean and empty humidifier regularly. Also, check structural damage around your house or pipes to ensure they are not leaking and causing lots of moisture.

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6. Seal Gaps and Cracks Around your House

Gaps and cracks around homes are the most preferred hiding places for millipedes. The best time to check gaps and cracks is night time, and it requires two people. One to shine a flashlight and one to stand on one side of the wall to check it. Once you discover a crack, paint it or mark with the marker. During the daytime seal it. Do this around windows as doors as well. Lots of products are available in the market to seal cracks and gaps. Caulk or spray foam insulation is a cheap option and is often paintable.

7. Replace or Improve Guttering

It is very crucial to minimize the water volume near your foundation to get rid of millipedes for a long term. Gutters with leaks and holes should be either replaced or patched if in bad condition. The best choice is seamless gutters with screens.

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8. Using Organic Pesticide Solutions

You can manage millipedes without using chemical sprays. Below are a few organic pesticide solutions that can be used to get rid of millipedes.

  • Dried Boric Acid– Boric aid comes in powder form. Sprinkle it in crevices and cracks. It is a harmless organic pesticide.
  • Diatomaceous Earth- It is made up of fossilized It is often called as DE and comes in powder form. This product is non-toxic, but when inhaled it may make you cough and also may irritate eye so take precaution while using it. Spread DE in crevices and cracks. Unlike other pesticides, it also works well in damp locations.

9. Your Pets May Help You Get Rid Of Millipedes

Chickens love crawling insects. A few backyard hens or chickens means no millipedes in your garden. Cats, on the other hand, do not eat millipedes but love to chase them out of your property.

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Getting Rid of millipedes is not a tough job, but it may take a little bit of your precious time.

If you are unable to stand the population of millipedes indoors or in your garden try the tips mentioned in this article to get rid of them or drastically reduce the population of millipedes.

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