8 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Deer Flies – Deer Fly Repellent Homemade

An adult deer fly ranges from 1/4 to 1/3 inch in length. They have clear wings with dark bands and their body is usually gray or very light brown. Some species of this fly may also have yellow and black color striping on their body. Deer Flies most distinguishing features are their big, bright color eyes and long antenna.

Deer fly bite and suck the blood of animals including humans. While sucking blood they also transmit disease-causing bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Also, their bite is very painful along with itching and redness around the affected area.

These flies are found mostly in the damp and wooded areas and their activities are at peak in the summers that are in the month of June and July. They are distributed all over the world and are common in most of the areas of the United States.

Because of the painful bites they give, an infestation of deer fly is really bothersome. In this article, we will learn about ways to get rid of deer flies.

Deer Flies
Deer Flies

Homemade Traps And Other Tips To Get Rid Of Deer Flies


Take few wooden planks that can easily stretch in front of the lawnmower or across the car hood. Take 4 to 7 nursery pots, and mount them into the wood spacing and putting them at equal distance. The space between the nursery pots should be enough to allow free rotation and preventing them to bump into each other. Wrap these pots with the help of bright colored wrapping paper, preferably blue to attract deer flies. Now spray insect trap coating around all pots to capture the flies that come near. Make sure that the trap is effective when it is in motion so drive out as many times as possible in order to get rid of deer flies.

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Hat Trap

Whenever you work outside or operate yard equipment that is motorized, wear protective muffs with blue and a solo cup coated with the tangle trap sticking tape. Attach the cup with the help of wire ties through the holes that are drilled above the cup’s rim to the muff’s. Deer flies are attracted to colorful, large and dark moving objects. You can also stick the plastic container with your baseball cap with the help of silver foil tapes Considering you a big lure the deer flies will come to bite you and will get trapped to the sticky surface of the cup.


Running Fly Trap

Take some fabric loop pieces and sew it to the baseball hat. Take blue color plastic plates of the desired size and trim them. Now to the back of the plates stick fabric hook pieces. In front of the plate, paint the tangle trap sticking coating. Wear this whenever you go out to work. After doing the work you will find flies stuck to the plate. Peel off the plate and discard it along with the flies that get attached to it.

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Umbrella Trap

Take a black and white umbrella. Black and white color of the umbrella attracts deer flies. Attach blue plastic cups with the help of four twist ties to the umbrella. Remember that the twist ties should be spaced evenly around the cup’s rim perimeter. Now take some loose blue plastic cups and cover them with the sandwich bags so that the flies trapped can be easily disposed of. Tuck the excess bag length inside the cup. Paint these cups with Tangle trap sticky coating evenly and paint the top of the cups. Place the coated cups over of the four cups that are attached to the umbrella. Now rotate the umbrella while moving for about 20 minutes. Deer flies will be trapped by sticking to the loose blue plastic cups. Now lift the loose plastic cups, remove the sandwich bags covered over them and dispose of them. You can reuse the loose cups next time to trap more deer flies.


Blackball Trap

Take a large, tough and inflatable black ball that gets warm because of the sun’s heat. Considering it a big lure deer flies attack it but in the absence of blood they escape and moves up. But the upper part of the ball is funneled into a plastic jar. Deer flies enter the plastic jar and die in it.


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Essential Oils

Take 50 to 100 drops of eucalyptus oil and mix it with 1oz of carrier oil preferably citronella oil or peppermint oil. You can also mix eucalyptus oil with water if carrier oil is not available. After getting mixed with the carrier oil it produces a pleasant smell, acts as a natural insect repellent and keeps the deer fly away. You can also use other essential oils such as Citronella oil, Lavender oil and Catnip oil to get rid of deer flies.

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Avoid Open Water Bodies In Your Areas

Deer fly larvae develop in high populations in moist soil and water bodies. So it is better to get rid of open water bodies around your home to get rid of deer flies.

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Deer flies do not prefer places which are covered with shades. They are attracted to places that receive abundant sunshine. Plant more trees and shrubs in your garden that grows fast. You can also put some umbrellas in your garden or construct some canopies outdoor.

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Above mentioned ways to get rid of deer flies are inexpensive and easy. If you have a problem with these nasty little flying insects and if they are driving you crazy try any of these methods. If you have more ideas to trap and get rid of deer flies please share your ideas and experiences with us.

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