How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? -10 Easy Way To Deal With Bed Bugs

Do you share a live-in-relationship with unwelcome pesky little parasites that go by the name of bed bugs? You know for sure that you’re a victim of the aforementioned syndrome if you wake up to bites, and dried blood on the surface of your skin, not in the typical way of well, a wild encounter in bed.

While it’s impossible to spot these critters in broad daylight, getting rid of them isn’t all that difficult. Before you proceed to throw out your comfy bed just because bed bugs wreak havoc on your sleep, think again. If you ever wondered how to get rid of bed bugs, then this post is aimed primarily at you.

If the thought of creepy crawly bedside bugs isn’t what you envision when you think of a good night’s rest, then read on, as we show you how to rid yourself of them in almost no time at all. So, without further adieu, it’s time to bid adieu to those bed bugs.

how to get rid of bed bugs naturally
how to get rid of bed bugs naturally

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – Home Remedy

1. Baking Soda

Want to get back at those bed bugs for all the lost sleep? Baking soda is the ideal exterminator dehydrating the bodies of bed bugs due to its absorbing property. Apply baking soda on the crevices of your bed, covering every nook and cranny. After a few days vacuum your bed and apply baking soda(again? YEAH). It ensures that you end the lives of the army of bed bugs that fight you every night.

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2. Steam Treatment

If annihilation suits your definition of revenge, then this one is for you. The thing about bed bugs is that their bodies cannot resist high temperatures which are where the steam treatment helps to bring them down. Get your carpets, mattresses, and pillows steamed so as to get rid of bed bugs. A sure-fire way of ensuring that they don’t surface again is to use a hot dryer. It guarantees that any survivors or valiant bed bug soldiers are put to rest before you can get some yourself.

3. Bean Leaves

Well here’s a rather unusual remedy for you. It entails, as the title suggests, the use of bean leaves to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. In the room that you find infested with bugs, line the floor as well as your mattress with bean leaves. Now, bean leaves have trichomes which kill the bed bugs. How? You ask? By piercing the feet of bed bugs, the trichomes prevent the bed bugs from causing any more trouble.

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4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent way to get rid of bed bugs due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. You can clean your bed linen with tea tree oil or spray some of it directly on your clothes. To a spray bottle, add water and tea tree oil. Spray this solution all over your house, especially in the highly infested areas. Leave nothing uncovered, right from the cupboards and drapes to cushions and mattresses.

5. Cayenne Pepper

When the pepper isn’t sending sirens off with waterworks following soon after, it’s the ideal bed bug repellent. While this remedy doesn’t ensure that the bed bugs die, it does ensure that they do not surface again. Cayenne Pepper is highly irritating to the bodies of bed bugs. To make the most of this remedy, sprinkle the cayenne powder on the target areas. You could also add some of the powder to a spray bottle to spray the target areas. Encase your bedding and pillows to ensure that the cayenne pepper doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

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6. Thyme

Thyme has antimicrobial properties which affect bed bugs. Tie a Thyme stick with a cotton cloth and burn it at the end near the infested areas. You could also make use of fresh thyme leaves in a netted bag that you can place on your bed. Keep in mind, however, to replace the leaves every three days or so. The fresher the leaves are, the more efficient they are.

7. Essential Oils

Make a solution out of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus oil. Spray this onto the infested areas. This remedy works well because the essential oils choke the bugs, preventing them from causing any further trouble. You could also use tea tree, oregano, and cedar oil in the same manner.

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8. Diatomaceous Earth

The main ingredient of diatomaceous earth, as the name suggests is soil which is made up of tiny fossils of algae. The jagged ends of this soil cut the bugs causing them to bleed to death. To protect yourself from a bed bug attack, sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your bed.

9. Mint Leaves

Guess who doesn’t like mint flavored water? Those pesky little bed bugs which are why mint leaves are one of our favorite remedies to get rid of bed bugs. Simply sprinkle mint leaves on your bed and carpets. Before you know it, you will be free of bed bugs entirely. You could also use dried mint leaves for the same effect.

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10. Clove

Clove is an excellent repellent, in some cases not just for bed bugs. Though cloves don’t make it to my top list of bearable flavors, neither do they make it to that of bed bugs.
The acidic, pungent smell of cloves disturb the bed bugs thriving on your skin as they cannot withstand a condition this acidic. You can destroy these bugs quickly by simply exposing your pillows and other infested areas to clove oil.

Once you are sure that these guys have met the grim reaper, encase your bedding and pillows so as to ensure that these bugs are kept at bay for good. Bed bugs can be quite the menace, but with these nifty little tricks up your sleeve, there’s no way for them to thrive or survive. Once you are done with these remedies, you should be able to sleep like a baby. So here’s a good night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!


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