Home Remedies For Phimosis – Phimosis Treatment Without Surgery

Most common questions asked on the internet about phimosis are:

How to Resolve phimosis?

Is an operation required to cure phimosis?

How to recognize phimosis?

To Answer all these questions here is our article.

What Is Phimosis

Phimosis is defined as a condition affecting the male penis where the foreskin (Skin flap that folds over the penis head) cannot be pulled back from around the penis tip.

In infants and young children the penis foreskin is not retractable but as the child grows the foreskin separates itself as a normal process of development. By the age of 17, a boy should be able to retract the foreskin easily. Mostly in adult males in whom foreskin isn’t circumcised foreskin move generally over the head without any obstruction. To expose the head of the penis, the foreskin may be sufficiently pulled back. This function is essential to maintain hygiene, cleaning the penis head and is also essential in term of masturbation or sexual intercourse.

But an adult male affected by phimosis is unable to do this. This inability makes the act of intercourse painful, and there are problems related to sexual performance.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Phimosis

The primary symptom of phimosis is the inability to pull back the foreskin. Other symptoms are swelling of the foreskin. An acute case of phimosis may cause difficulty in passing urine, and this is a medical emergency.

What Causes Phimosis

It’s unclear why phimosis affects some boys while others remain unaffected. It can happen naturally. It may also be caused if the foreskin is retracted forcibly before it is ready as this may lead to scarring that makes a retraction of foreskin difficult in later life.

Other causes include poor hygiene and infection or inflammation of the glans penis (head of the penis)

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What Can Be Done To Cure Phimosis

If you suffer from recurrent infection of the foreskin or glans, do see your doctor so that your health care provider can evaluate your condition.

The signs of infection that should not be ignored include pain, swelling, itching, the presence of rash or spot, itching and change in color of the foreskin or glans.

To diagnose the underlying condition, physical exams and review of the symptoms are enough.

If a bacterial infection is the underlying cause antibiotics are given and if fungal infection is the underlying cause antifungal ointments are given.

If there is no infection and tight foreskin has developed naturally, several treatment options are considered depending on the severity of the condition. The doctor may prescribe steroid ointment that will soften the foreskin making retraction easy. For more severe cases a surgical procedure to remove the part of the foreskin is considered.

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home remedies for phimosis
home remedies for phimosis

Natural Ways To Treat Phimosis


  1. Phimosis Stretching exercise- Practice stretching foreskin along with other home remedies for phimosis treatment.

The purpose behind is that the skin is stretched sufficiently so that it can be moved over the head of the penis.

Do not rush while doing this exercise. Have the patience to avoid scarring or injury. Injury or scarring can make your condition worse.


  1. Assess the size of foreskin opening
  2. While the penis is limp, clasp the end of the foreskin gently and pull it away from the body.
  3. Put your finger or thumb gently in the opening. Do not insert your finger too far, avoid touching glans.
  4. Try to get another finger or thumb of another hand in the opening. Strech the foreskin laterally.

*Do stretching exercise for 5 minutes two times in a day (morning and evening)

*Avoid stretching the foreskin to extend it becomes painful.

*Even material change will require a week times so do not rush.

*Doing long sessions than recommended won’t make much change as stretching exercise stimulates growth and do not stretches the skin. Frequent small sessions is a better option than long sessions.

* Refrain yourself to force the glans through foreskin as this will restrict the blood flow to glans and lead to paraphimosis: a condition that is treated by surgery.

Phimosis stretching exercise may cause foreskin inflammation, but to avoid inflammation, if you won’t stretch enough, the foreskin will not be stimulated to retract. Maintain a balance between insufficient stretching and inflammation of the foreskin. If needed you may take help of phimosis steroid creams suggested by your physician. Steroid creams will prevent inflammation so that you can continue with foreskin stretching exercises. However, the long-term use of steroid creams alters the immune response of the skin to which it is applied. Also, it increases the risk of infection in the groin area. That is why we suggest you considering alternative herbal treatment for phimosis along with the stretching exercise.

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  1. Phimosis exercise while bathing- While bathing pour water in the opening of the penis and while doing this try to retract the foreskin. You may also add a few drops of oil to water and apply any of the creams or oil discussed below to foreskin before doing this.

Herbal Treatments To Cure Phimosis

  1. Chamomile cream– Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and is as effective as hydrocortisone. Whenever you conduct foreskin stretching exercise to cure phimosis apply chamomile cream.
  2. Calendula cream– Again calendula too is anti-inflammatory. It is useful in treating dermatitis. You can use calendula cream as well if chamomile cream is not available.
  3. Sea Buckthorn Oil– This oil is derived from a plant known as buckthorn plant. Its oil is effective in treating a lot of skin issues as well as phimosis. It can regenerate skin. However, sea buckthorn oil is very potent so dilute it with olive oil or vegetable oils before using it.
  4. Borage seeds oil- Borage oil is rich in linoleic acid. It is beneficial for skin and is also used in many anti-ageing products. It provides moisture and improves skin elasticity. Also, it is anti-inflammatory.
  5. Coconut oil- Coconut oil has moisturizing as well as anti-inflammatory properties and helps to loosen foreskin.

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To cure phimosis naturally, practice foreskin stretching exercise or phimosis bathing exercise after applying any of the cream or oil discussed above. Keep penis clean. If the foreskin becomes sore, do not do the exercise until it recovers.

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