10 Easy Home Remedies For Gout Pain – Arthritis Treatment

Home Remedies For Gout:- When the amount of uric acid increases in the body then is lead to gout. It is also known as arthritis. It affects a different body part like ears, hands, wrist, ankle, etc. Due to gout person suffer from acute pain, swelling and inflammation in a joint. Some other possibility of causing gout is regular consumption of alcohol, genetics, excess protein, lack of physical work.

If you were suffering from gout then before concerning with doctor try these home remedies for gout to get rid of gout pain fast.

Cause Of Gout

Gout is mainly caused due to excess amount of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is produced in the body during the breakdown of purine – chemical compounds that are found in high amounts in certain foods such as meat, poultry, and seafood.

Symptoms Of Gout

  • It generally affects large joint of the big toe
  • Severe joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Heat in the affected area
  • Redness around affected joint
Home Remedies For Gout Pain
Home Remedies For Gout Pain

Best Home Remedies For Gout

Here are Top 10 home remedies For Gout And Arthritis :

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is used to treat many diseases along with gout or arthritis. It gives relief from gout pain from its acidic nature. If you were hesitating about the taste of pure ACV, then add some honey to it. Honey will also help you in increasing the strength of immune system.

  • Add 1 tbsp of raw and unfiltered ACV in a glass of water.
  • Stir it well and consume it.
  • Repeat this gout treatment three times a day for better result.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda will also use as home remedies for gout. The main issue of gout is increased amount of uric acid in the body. And Baking Soda will help in reducing the amount of uric acid from the body and gives relief from pain and swelling.

  • Take 1 tbsp of baking soda and add it to a glass of water.
  • Gulp it down.
  • Repeat this remedies 3-4 times a day and if you were more then 60 then do not drink m0re than two times a day.


There are another home remedies for gout that is Charcoal. Charcoal help to reduce the amount of uric acid from your body and give relief from pain and swelling.

  • Take 1/2 cup if charcoal powder in a glass of water and mix it well.
  • Then the sticky ball is made and pour this ball into a bathtub full of water.
  • Dip your affected area into the tub for 30 minutes.
  • This way is right for people who have gout in the big toe or ankle joint.
  • Keep applying this bath for 2 to 3 times a week till you get rid of gout entirely.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil is also one of the most used home remedies for gout in the foot. You just need one cotton ball and soak it with castor oil and apply it directly to the affected area and you need to repeat this remedies several times a day to get rid of gout.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has a significant amount of magnesium that helps in improving many body parts as well as reduces gout and arthritis. Affected areas affecting the water mixed with Epsom salt will help to disturb the muscles and remove the pain.

  • First of all, you take 2 cups of appam salam with the hot water bath and take a shower.
  • Then, until the water gets lost in heat, you soak the body in it.
  • Once again, repeat this process. If you get severe gout, you can try to multiply it by 2 to 3 times a week.

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Yes, cherries are used as home remedies for gout pain as after consuming cherries it will decrease the level of uric acid from your body.

  • Eat 10-15 cherries fresh cherries daily on the morning.
  • If you can,t eat fresh cherries then eat canned cherries.
  • Eat at least 15 cherries daily to get rid of gout pain fast.


To get rid of the pain of gout, it is necessary to make your body salty and neutralize excess uric acid in your blood. All these processes can be applied by drinking fresh lemon juice and eat more vitamins containing fruits to strengthen your body’s tissues.

  • Firstly, take one fresh lemon and squeeze out to remove your juice.
  • After this, you combine with the one-half spoon of baking soda.
  • Then you can solve it well and put it in place for a few seconds.
  • After that, you mix it with a glass of water and drink it immediately.
  • To neutralize uric acid, you should do this procedure regularly to relieve gout and its pain.

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Bananas are full of potassium which help in converting the uric acid which is present in a body into a fluid, and this liquid gets flushed out from the body through urine. It also helps in reducing the pain on joint and swelling.

  • Always eat two bananas to get rid of gout quickly.
  • You can also mix one banana with 1/2 cup of yogurt and eat it.
  • You should repeat this habit of eating the banana daily to help in treating gout.

Ginger Root

Ginger is the best herb which used home remedies for Gout. It is anti-inflammatory properties which can help to relieve pain and swelling. Therefore, it can help prevent gout problem.

  • First of all, you take the dry ginger root powder, turmeric powder, and fenugreek powder in the same proportion.
  • Then you mix all the ingredients to make the mixture.
  • After this, you combine one teaspoon of this mixture with lukewarm water and rubbing it twice in the affected areas.
  • To help you get relief from gout and its pain, it should be done regularly.

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An apple a day keeps a doctor away and an apple a day also keeps gout away. Apple is rich in malic acid, and malic acid will neutralise the uric acid in a body.

  • Daily eat one apple will get you rid of gout.
  • You can also take apple juice to reduce pain and swelling due to gout.
  • If you want to cure gout, then eat one daily.

I hope you have read all these natural remedies for gout. So, don’t waste your time and try these home remedies for gout quick. Remember that always take advice from your family doctor for the better result.

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