9 Effective Home Remedies For Burn That Really Works (Infographics)

Ouch! Touched something really hot or your skin just got hit with some hot stuff. It might be burning a lot. Burn are painful but minor and superficial burn can be easily treated with simple home remedies.

The treatment of burn depends on its severity. Thus, before acknowledging home remedies for burn, let us first learn about the degree of burns.


Burns may be divided into three categories:

1st-degree burns- In this type, only the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin is affected. The outer skin turns red, and there is an intense burning pain. However, blisters are not formed. Thus they are not a serious matter of concern. These types of burns are caused when the skin comes in contact with hot objects, fluids, steam and even exposure to the sun. Simple home remedies about which we will discuss below are enough to manage 1st-degree burns.

2nd-degree burn– Here along with the epidermis, even the underlying skin gets affected. This type is more painful, and also blisters are formed. But even these burns can be treated with home remedies.

3rd-degree burns- You cannot treat a third-degree burn with home remedies. They need special medical attention as they damage the deepest layer of skin. Also in some cases, blood vessels, body organs, bone, muscles and even the fat of the body is damaged. However, this type may be painless due to nerve damage.

As we have discussed above 1st and 2nd degree of burns can be effectively managed by certain home remedies. The aim of the treatment is to ease the pain, heal the burn and also prevent secondary infections. So, go through the list of top home remedies for burn compiled below and try them to provide relief quickly.

Top 9 Home Remedies For Burn That Work

Cold water

After you hit something hot that causes a burn do not delay and run the affected part under cold running water for several minutes (at least 20 minutes). Twill relieve the pain and discomfort as well as prevent the spread of the injury.

Do remember not to apply ice as it restricts the blood flow and may cause further damage to the tissues.

Mint toothpaste

If you have mint toothpaste at your home, then you do not have to look for other home remedies. To reduce the pain caused due to first and second-degree burn, first, run the affected part under running cold water. Now pat the affected part dry gently with a towel and apply mint toothpaste to it. You will yourself witness the coolness it provides, and I am sure you will recommend this to anyone in need.


You will be surprised to know how effectively oatmeal works in burn cases. It is known to reduce inflammation and soothe burns. Especially when burns are healing, and you have to suffer from severe itching oatmeals works like wonder.

Take a cup of oatmeal and pour it into a bathtub filled with water. Soak yourself in it for 2o minutes and then dry yourself.

But be careful as an oatmeal bath can make the bathroom tiles and floors of your house slippery.


The natural pH balance of the honey makes it a potent antibacterial agent. Honey kills any bacteria present on the skin that causes infection. It drains fluid from the affected tissues and promotes healing. Also, it has a soothing property that cools the skin and relieves pain.  After applying honey be sure that the burn will not leave any mark.

Apply honey directly to the affected part. Leave it undisturbed for a few hours and then rinse it off. Dry the affected area gently with a towel and then apply honey again. Repeat this 3 to 4 times in a day for a few days.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an antifungal, anti-bacterial, antioxidizing and whitening agent. It not only prevents the infection, soothes the pain but also prevents the scar formation. To make it more effective, you may add lemon juice. Lemon juice is acidic and is known to lighten the scars. So mix coconut oil and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply it on the affected part. Repeat it several times.

Aloe Vera

Again, this is leading to all home remedies for burns. It is well known for its soothing and cooling properties. It reduces inflammation and skin afflictions. Extract the fresh aloe vera gel and apply it to the affected part. Repeat this several times in a day.


Milk is rich in proteins and fats. Both are known to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Thus, it is also effective in the case of burns. Whenever you become a victim of a minor burn, soak the affected area in the milk for a few minutes. You may also use whole milk yogurt for this purpose.

Lavender essential oil

The healing property of lavender oil was discovered in 1990 when a French chemist accidentally burned his hand. He then plunged his burned hand into the vat of lavender oil. To his surprise, not only his pain was relieved, but also burn healed fast.

Being antiseptic and pain reliever lavender oil can be very effectively used for burns. The best part is it also reduces the chances of scarring.

As lavender oil is a very strong, mix a teaspoon of it with 2 ounces of plain sterile water. Shake well and mist the affected area with this solution.


You may also use vinegar to get rid of burns. This ingredient in almost available in everyone’s kitchen. It is loaded with antiseptic and antibacterial property and thus prevents infection. But do not use vinegar without diluting. Add an equal amount of water and vinegar and rinse the burned area with this solution. You may also use apple cider vinegar for the same purpose.

Home Remedies For Burn
Home Remedies For Burn

So as you can see we have nine effective home remedies for burn that not only eases burning but also prevents scar formation. But yes, make sure you apply them within few minutes of burning yourself for quick and complete healing.

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