7 Day GM Diet Plan Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

If you want to lose your weight and get rid of belly fat as soon as possible, then this article on GM diet plan is only for you.

General Motors Diet is a seven-day diet plan that will help you to lose weight and cut the abdominal fats. It is the healthiest way to reduce 11 to 17 pounds in just seven days. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about a GM diet along with a seven-day diet plan.

GM Diet Plan
GM Diet Plan

How Does The GM Diet Plan Work?

The arrangement concentrates on constraining your week by week eating regimen to eating organic products, vegetables, darker rice, and chicken. The eating regimen focuses on devouring a blend of refined sugars, low-calorie herbs, and natural products, and expanding water admission to help accomplish a weight reduction of up to 17 pounds in only seven days. The following is an everyday guide for any individual who needs to take after the GM eat less.

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Benefit Of GM Diet Plan

  • Detoxifies the body– GM diet focuses on the consumption of low-calorie vegetables, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and it prohibits eating unhealthy proteins, fats, and refined sugars. Apart from this, it recommends drinking lots of water; it helps the body to clean up the impurities that they are tired and stressed.
  • Improves the metabolism– Removing waste from the body promotes digestion. High fibre diet easily absorbs into our organisation. Most nutrients need to dissolve and absorb water. Thus absorption of nutrients is maximised by high intake of water.
  • Helps to lose weight quickly and naturally– GM gives you complete freedom to eat the amount of food you eat, but enriched in fibre gives you a feeling of perfection and you are consumed more than food, because of the protein-rich in protein, this diet increases the rate of metabolic is. The rate price of excess metabolism is burning fat. Apart from this, this food clears our system and leads to a tremendous fat loss.
  •  Builds immunity– Vegetables and fruits are dense in vitamins and minerals. They promote the body’s immune system and help fight diseases due to micro-organisms.
  • Improves the look– Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals and antioxidants that fight free radicals and oxidative damage. It reduces fine lines, and pigmentation Drinking plenty of water helps in damaging our body and our skin gets naturally shine.
  • Improves the mood– Once the toxic substance removed from the body, then you feel the light. It is touching well that the vegetables are mainly green and leafy, which include folate and vitamin B complex. They Encourage Dopamine Production Dopamine Ward With Neglect, Stress, And Depression
  • GM diet keeps you energised– Clears the toxic substances from heavy metals and other waste from the body, causing fatigue. Plus, it boosts metabolism and allows proper absorption of nutrients and keeps your body hydrated. All this, in turn, increases the energy level and improves your efficiency.
  • Improves the bowel movements– High fibre diet and regular consumption of water remove unholy food from the body through excretion. Once you get rid of the garbage that gets stuck in your stomach, then all problems related to bowel movements such as constipation are solved.
  • All over health– GM diet is low in salt, refined carbohydrate, and fat. It is good for the heart, reduces blood pressure and regulates diabetes.

Day 1st Of GM Diet Plan

The first day of the diet allows you to eat as many fruits as you like, except bananas, litchi, mangoes, and grapes. Eat lots of watermelon, melon, pomegranates, apples, lime, oranges, strawberries and any other fruit that you like. You must also consume 8 to 12 glasses of water during the day. If you feel yourself craving for salt, then a tiny-winy ‘hajmola’ tab will help immensely.

Day 2nd Of GM Diet Plan

You will have to follow the vegetable-only meal plan the next day. You can make vegetables to make them tasty, or they can eat raw. As oil is not allowed, care should take while preparing vegetables. So, forget your favourite potato or dinner chips. You can make herbs even when you are hungry Even flavourings like olive oil or butter can be used strictly, only then it is necessary.

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Day 3rd Of GM Diet Plan

On the third day, your body would have almost adjusted to the new diet. After a day of eating just vegetables, fruits will bring a welcome break. It will also combine the benefits of both fruits and vegetables, and provide you with high fiber, nutrient, and protein. Avoid Potatoes and banana and continue drinking 8-10 glass of water.

Day 4th Of GM Diet Plan

The fruit that you are asked to avoid is ultimately allowed. Eating eight bananas is advised during the day. Distribute them between your meals and snack times; Also, consume a big glass of milk once every morning at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if it becomes monotonous, then include a bowl of soup can do.

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Day 5th Of GM Diet Plan

On the 5th day, you can eat six tomatoes with 10 oz of beef, if you do not want to eat meat, then 500 grams can be chicken or fish. If you are a vegetarian, you may have cheese or sprouts instead of beef. You need to consume a full six tomatoes, but the amount of meat on your top can be mentioned at least. Drinking 14 to 15 glasses of water.

Day 6th Of GM Diet Plan

This is another relatively high meal day. With the addition of vegetables, follow this type of similarity even today. Vegetables are boiled, not fried, and salads should not be dressed heavily. Six of the day you should notice of weight loss. This will inspire you to eliminate the diet at a higher level.

For Non-vegetarians: You can eat 500 grams of skinless chicken and all vegetables except tomatoes and potatoes. You can eat chicken-egg or GM diet soup in the morning or evening.

Day 7th Of GM Diet Plan

Wow! Today is the final day of the diet. You can have one serving of brown rice and an unlimited quantity of vegetables. To supplement the nutritional value of the vegetables, sugarless fruit juice should be consumed after every meal or snack.

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To make your GM diet success, you need to take care of following:

1. Do not take alcohol for a week- Alcohol interrupts the detoxification process. It retains water and thus blocks the impurities in the body.

2. Drink at least ten glasses of water until the 4th day and then increase the intake of water up to 15 glasses. This will not only remove toxins from your body but will also save you from dehydration.

3. Avoid tea and coffee.

4. Avoid fruit juices up to day six as they do not contain fiber.

5. Do not mess the diet plan or skip a day else GM diet plan won’t work. 6. Exercise for 45 minutes daily. This will prevent you to experience sudden weakness during initial days due to less consumption of proteins.

After seven days if you don’t want to wash all your efforts and to maintain targeted weight stick to a healthy lifestyle. Here is the list of things to keep in your mind:

  • Exercise daily for 45 minutes.
  • Avoid eating processed foods.
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, lean meat and complex carbohydrates.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain the targeted weight.
  • Minimize the intake of tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.

The GM diet plan works like a miracle. But personally, I will recommend consulting your physician before you execute it. While running the GM diet plan, make sure to follow it chronologically, or it will be ineffective, and you may end increasing your weight instead of losing.

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