Eco-friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Hornets – How to Kill Hornets

Hornets are social wasps that prey on insects. Unless disturbed they are harmless to humans. When they perceive a threat near their nest, they become dangerous and aggressive and can deliver a sting. The sting of hornet is painful. One who is stung multiple time or who is allergic to its venom suffers from systemic reactions. The symptoms include intense pain, redness and swelling around the sting site.

Mostly hornets make their nest in tree-like shrubs, branches of trees and large outdoors. Homes with protecting hooks on the outdoor sliding are ideal spots for the Hornet to make their nests as these areas are within reach of food sources such as garbage cans, road trash and flowers. The apparent signs of hornets infestation are the presence of nests and adults flying around.

Below are ways to get rid of hornets but before dealing with them keep in mind  the following good practices:

  1. Wear thick protective clothing.
  2. Try to wear a veil or a beekeeper
  3. Best time to get rid of hornets is during the evening or at dusk.
  4. Never intentionally poke, rattle or disturb the nest or hornets will be agitated.
How to get rid of hornets
How to get rid of hornets

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Hornets

The first step is always to locate the nest. When you notice hornet buzzing around, track them to their nest and spray eco-friendly spray’s on the nest discussed below in this article to get rid of hornets keeping the safety measures discussed above.

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural insect Its strong odour irritates wasps and repels them. It is a non-toxic remedy. To 500ml water add 30 drops of peppermint oil. Also, add a little shampoo or dish wash liquid. Fill the spray bottle with this solution and spray directly on the nest of hornets.

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2. Sugar And Water

Get a plastic bottle. The capacity of the bottle should be about 2 litres. Cut the upper portion of the bottle. Flip the upper part of the bottle and with the help of a duct tape stick both the pieces of the bottle. Fill the bottle with sugar and water mixture. Also, add a little amount of vinegar. Place bottles close to the nest to trap hornets.

3. Shop-Vac Filled With Soapy Water

If the nest of hornets is located in the attic better fill a shop vac with soapy water and place near the nest. Hornet will be sucked in the vacuum, and soapy water will drown them. Use shop vac only for a few hours.

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4. Dry Ice

Dry ice is another easy way to kill a nest of the Hornets that are placed on the grounds. Place the dry ice at the entrance of the nest and cover the ice with dirt or mud.  Dry ice will cool the nest and displace oxygen with carbon dioxide. In an attempt to generate heat hornets inside the nest will use the rest of oxygen and will suffocate themselves.

5. Vinegar

.ellent way to get rid of hornets. Mix vinegar and water in equal amounts. Spray this solution wherever you notice hornets.

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6. Create Smoke

Light fire under the nest so that the smoke covers the nest entirely. Keep adding fuel if needed. The Hornets will be suffocated and killed or will be forced to leave the nest. Do wear protective clothing while creating

7. Cinnamon

Eugenol present in cinnamon repels insects due to their strong smell. Sprinkle cinnamon powder over and around the nest to repel the Hornet. Repeat this 2-3 times in a week.

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8. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth kills wasps by drying them out. It is a made from the fossils of aquatic It is used in farming, skin products and food manufacturing and is safe. Spread diatomaceous earth evenly over the nest to kill hornets.

9. The Insect Deterring Plants

Growing certain trees and plants in your yard or garden repel insects such as yellow jackets and hornets. A few examples of such plants are wormwood, mint, citronella and eucalyptus. The strong odour of these plants not only repels the unwanted insects but also improves the quality of air.

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10. Lemon and Clove

Wasps such as yellow jackets or

dislike the smell of clove and lemon. Place half cut lemons or 8-10 cloves in a bowl to keep away hornets from buzzing over your head.

If you are unable to locate the nest of hornets, better call professionals for pest control. Also, discourage hornet from nesting in the future by taking following precautionary steps:

  1. Trim bushes and trees.
  2. Paint the walls and other nesting areas.
  3. Hang old CDs, mirror or sun-catching mobiles near old areas of nesting.
  4. Hang another artificial nest at the places that appear ideal spots where hornet can make their nest.

*If hornets are at a safe distance from your home and garden area better leave them alone as they pollinate flowers and eat insects and are an essential part of the ecosystem.

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