Valor Essential Oil: Ingredients, Health Benefits And Uses

Healthy Benefits Of Valor Essential Oil
Healthy Benefits Of Valor Essential Oil

Nervous before an interview or facing performance anxiety?

Are you Going through emotional issues with your family?

Why not try valor essential oil. Inhale a few drops of Valor essential oil or apply it to your wrist. It is enough to restore your confidence as well as remove anxiety. Because of its ability to enhance courage, it has been crowned with the name “courage in a bottle” or “Chiropractor in the bottle.”

Rich with the woodsy, calming and soothing aroma the Valor essential oil is precisely a blend of remarkable oils that maintain body balance and make you a confident person. Let us look at its ingredients and their properties:

What are the ingredients of valor essential oil:

Four different types of oil are blended to make valor essential oil. They are as follows:

  1. Rosewood essential oil- The floral and lovely woody aroma of rosewood oil is very comforting and soothing. It balances the emotions and maintains them steady. If you are going through the feeling of despair, inhale rosewood oil. IT will help you to uplift the feeling of despair. Besides this rosewood oil works like wonder in the treatment of skin issues.
  2. Spruce essential oil- The refreshing aroma of spruce oil is invigorating. It provides strength and also supports the nervous and respiratory system. The best part is that this oil opens the emotional blocks and helps you to release suppressed feelings. Spruce oil brings a sense of security and peace.
  3. Frankincense essential oil– Since ancient times Frankincense oil has been used to promote and support the immune system. The high level of sesquiterpenes in this oil promotes the supply of oxygen to the brain’s limbic system. This relaxes the mind and body and also elevates your mood.
  4. Blue Tansy essential oil- This oil supports and strengthens the nervous system. Thus, it eases stress, relaxes the mind and removes irritation. It has a herbaceous and a sweet aroma that wards off negativity and combats anger.

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The combination of all these oils makes an interesting blend that energizes the body brings courage and balances all over health. Valor essential oil brings changes in behavior and emotional pattern. It aligns mind, spirit, and body and this helps to release the blocked emotions and overcomes the things that hold you back. Also, this helps us to adapt to the changes. We equip to release the old pattern of working and start accepting new things. Valor essential oil eases stress, removes negative thinking, brings self-esteem and courage.

In short, if you are free from worries or overwhelmed, you are balanced, and this prevents chaos.

Many other health benefits of valor essential oil need to be discussed. Valor oil also stimulates the nervous system, boosts immunity, and exhibits healing and restoring properties.

But before using it is essential to dilute this oil with a carrier oil. Usually, almond oil and coconut oil used for this purpose.

Lets us have a look at the complete uses and benefits of valor essential oil.

Valor Essential Oil Uses
Valor Essential Oil Uses

Health benefits and uses of valor essential oil

Treats stiff neck- Possed with healing properties, valor essential oil can very effectively treat stiffness of the neck. A stiff neck may be a result of sleeping in the wrong position or spending lots of time in front of the laptop. Whenever you have a stiff neck apply a few drops of this oil on your neck and stiffness will disappear in no time.

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Treats leg cramps- If you suffer from leg cramps, try valor essential oil. It eases tension and relaxes tensed muscles. Rub a few drops of the oil on your legs, and you will find relief. This oil is also helpful for gymnasts and athletes.

Relieves pain in the jaw– Dental pain is bothering. But no need to suffer anymore. Rub a few drops of Valor essential oil on the jaw. In just a few hours, your pain is diminished. You can also use it in the case of children as this oil is very mild.

Treats joint pain- Do you suffer from arthritis or rheumatism. Then, instead of painkillers why not switch on to valor essential oil for relief. Its property of soothing pain is beneficial in easing any joint pain. You need to mix a few drops of Valor essential oil with almond oil and gently massage it over the joints. Repeat this for a few weeks, and you will find relief in the pain.

Relieves back pain– Again if you suffer from a regular backache, Valor essential oil is a better choice to ease your pain instead of painkillers. It is also active in any case of spinal pain. Apply it two times in a day at the base of your spine, and your pain will disappear.

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Prevents snoring- If you snore while sleeping. It not only disturbs your partner’s sleep but also becomes a cause of embarrassment for you. So, what’s the solution? Apply a few drops of Diluted valor essential oil to your big toe. You will be relieved from snoring.

Treats a headache– Even the worst cases of a headache can be treated with this oil. Apply a few drops of undiluted valor essential oil to your forehead and massage gently. A headache will fly off in a couple of hours.

Treats burn- Valor essential oil has a soothing and a calming property. Also, it promotes healing. Apply it on the burn, and you will find quick relief.

Amazing after shave– Instead of regular aftershave, try soothing valor essential oil for this purpose. It heals cuts and has a divine smell. You may also use this oil as perfume.

Provides a sound sleep– Before sleeping either apply Valor essential oil to your feet or put a few drops of it on your pillow. You will have a sound sleep and will wake up refreshed and balanced.

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The best part of using valor essential oil is that as it is mild. Thus, it is not at all toxic, neither it causes any irritation. Still, to be on the safe side, it is better to take following precautions before using it:

  1. Before using it have a patch test to rule out allergy.
  2. Pregnant and lactating mothers should use it only after consulting their health care provider.
  3. Keep it out of children’s reach.
  4. Better avoid its ingestion as not much study has been done on its safe internal use.
  5. If you suffer from any medical condition better consult your doctor before using it.

I hope after acknowledging the uses and benefits of valor essential oil, you will include it in your daily routine. It will surely bring positivity, hope in your life and will brighten your future.

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